BeatSlinger Audio Page

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DJ Mixes

- Elektrik Boogie [.mp3]

- Can Ya Dig [.mp3]

- Soul Trippin' [.mp3]

-Nu Dimensions vol2 [.mp3]

- Ascension [.mp3]

- Dark Matter [.mp3]

- In The Midst [.mp3]

- Explosound [.mp3]

- Funk Isn't Dead [.mp3]


Original Production

-Automatique [.mp3] (Post-Apocalyptic-Tech-Hop)

-Cosmonaut [.mp3] (Downtempo)

- Vudu [.mp3] (Downtempo)

- Good Mourning [.mp3] (Downtempo)

- 2082 [.mp3] (Downtempo)

- Abandon [.mp3] (Downtempo)

- Refuge [.mp3] (TripHop)

- Inner Element [.mp3] (Post-Apocalyptic-Tech-Hop)

- Metamorphosis [.mp3] (Breakbeat)

- Subterra [.mp3] (Breakbeat)

- Deaf Ignition [.mp3] (Breakbeat)

- Set Me Free [.mp3] (Breakbeat)

- Syndrome [.mp3] (Breakbeat)

- Do It Now [.mp3] (Breakbeat)



- Misfilter-Tomorrow Never Knows (BeatSlinger's Know Tomorrow Remix) [.mp3] (Downtempo)

- Misfilter-Tomorrow Never Knows (BeatSlinger's Technical Future Remix) [.mp3] (Drum & Bass)

- Misfilter-Take My Mind (BeatSlinger's No Soul Remix) [.mp3] (Drum & Bass)

- Misfilter-One By One (BeatSlinger's Edge of Forever Remix) [.mp3] (Breakbeat)

- Vast-Touched (BeatSlinger's Lost & Found Remix) [.mp3] (Downtempo)